2014 Men's Cross Country Schedule
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 29 Grand Rapids@Andrea's Classic  Details
  4:00 PMGlen Oaks@Golden Grizzly OpenNo Team Score Details
  4:30 PMMott@Golden Grizzly OpenNo Team Score Details
  5:00 PMSchoolcraft@Golden Grizzly OpenNo Team Score Details
  5:30 PMKirtland@Golden Grizzly InvitationalNo Team Score Details
  5:30 PMOakland@Golden Grizzly InvitationalNo Team Score Details
  5:30 PMMacomb@Golden Grizzly OpenNo Team Score Details
  6:30 PMLansing@Olivet Cross Country InvitationalNo Team Score Details
 3010:30 AMMuskegon@Vanderbilt Invitational4th of 4 Details
5 Muskegon@Jets Invitaitonal  Details
  Jackson@Jets Invitaitonal  Details
 4:00 PMWayne County@Jets Invitational  Details
 69:30 AMMott@Bulldog Invitational  Details
  10:00 AMKirtland@Bulldog Invitational  Details
  10:00 AMOakland@Bulldog Invitational  Details
 11:15 AMSchoolcraft@Tommy Titan Invitational  Details
 11:15 AMMacomb@Tommy Titan Invitational  Details
 11:15 AMGrand Rapids@Tommy Titan Invitational  Details
 11:15 AMGlen Oaks@Tommy Titan Invitational  Details
1212:00 PMSchoolcraft@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMOakland@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMMacomb@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMMott@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMMuskegon@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMJackson@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMAlpena@Spartan Invitational  Details
 12:30 PMLansing@Spartan Invitational  Details
 13 Grand Rapids@Knight Invitational  Details
  10:00 AMGrand Rapids@Knight Invitational  Details
  10:00 AMGlen Oaks@Knight Invitational  Details
 193:00 PMJackson@Commodore Invitational  Details
  4:00 PMSchoolcraft@Commodore Invitational  Details
  4:00 PMWayne County@Commodore Invitational  Details
  4:00 PMMacomb@Commodore Invitational  Details
  4:45 PMLansing@Commodore Invitational  Details
 5:00 PMKirtland@Firebird Invitational  Details
 5:00 PMOakland@Firebird Invitational  Details
 5:00 PMAlpena@Firebird Invitational  Details
265:00 PMKirtland@Raider Run  Details
 5:00 PMOakland@Raiders Run  Details
  5:00 PMMuskegon@Brissman-Lundeen Invitaitonal  Details
 5:00 PMAlpena@Raiders Run  Details
 5:00 PMWayne County@Raiders Run  Details
 5:00 PMSchoolcraft@Raider Run  Details
312:00 PMSchoolcraft@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMKirtland@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMOakland@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMMacomb@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMMuskegon@Lansing CC Invitaitonal  Details
 12:00 PMJackson@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 12:00 PMGrand Rapids@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 1:30 PMMott@Lansing CC Invitational  Details
 1:30 PMGlen Oaks@Lansing Invitational  Details
 2:00 PMLansing@Lansing Invitational  Details
 2:00 PMWayne County@Lansing Invitational  Details
 10 Kirtland@Michigan Intercollegiate Meet  Details
 10:00 AMOakland@Jayhawk Invitational  Details
 2:00 PMMacomb@Jayhawk Invitational  Details
 2:00 PMMott@Jayhawk Invitational  Details
 2:00 PMMuskegon@Jayhawk Invitational  Details
 2:00 PMJackson@Jayhawks Invitaitonal  Details
 2:00 PMGrand Rapids@Jayhawk Invitational  Details
 2:45 PMLansing@Jyahawk Invitational  Details
 2:45 PMAlpena@Jayhawk Invitational  Details
 174:30 PMMacomb@Wilmington College Invitational  Details
 2512:00 PMSchoolcraft@MCCAA Cross Country Championship Meet  Details
  12:00 PMSchoolcraft@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship Meet  Details
  12:00 PMKirtland@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship Meet  Details
  12:00 PMOakland@MCCAA Cross Country Championship Meet  Details
  12:00 PMOakland@NJCAA Region XII Championship  Details
  12:00 PMMott@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMMott@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMMuskegon@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMJackson@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMJackson@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMGrand Rapids@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMGrand Rapids@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMGlen Oaks@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMGlen Oaks@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMAlpena@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMAlpena@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMWayne County@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:00 PMWayne County@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:45 PMLansing@MCCAA Cross Country Championship  Details
  12:45 PMLansing@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
  2:00 PMMuskegon@NJCAA Region XII Cross Country Championship  Details
 8 Schoolcraft@NJCAA Division III Cross County Championships  Details
   Lansing@NJCAA Division I National Cross County Championship  Details
* Conference Event
% Exhibition/Scrimmage Event
Event times are (EST)
  • * Conference Event
  • %Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Event times are (EST)
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