2014 Baseball Schedule
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 71:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Motlow State CC1-11  (8)Details
 9 inning game
 812:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Motlow State CC0-10  (6)Details
  Game 2Glen Oaks @ Motlow State CC4-0 Details
 123:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Florida State College at Jacksonville3-7 Details
 9 innings
 136:00 PMGlen Oaks @ St. John's River State College1-6 Details
 9 inning game
 143:00 PMGlen Oaks vs. Broward College3-7 Details
 9 inning game - At Palatka, FL
 154:00 PMGlen Oaks vs. St. Petersburg College1-8 Details
 at Palatka, FL
  7:00 PMGlen Oaks vs. Palm Beach State College2-9 Details
 At Palatka, FL
 1610:00 AMGlen Oaks vs. Gulf Coast State College0-9 Details
 9 inning game
 223:00 PMAncilla @ Vincennes University4-7 Details
  Game 2Ancilla @ Vincennes University2-3 Details
 2312:00 PMAncilla @ Vincennes UniversityCNCL Details
  3:00 PMMuskegon vs. University of South Carolina Lancaster 6-7 Details
 at Florence, SC
  6:00 PMMuskegon @ Florence-Darlington Technical College7-2 Details
 246:00 PMMuskegon vs. Coastal Carolina University2-4 Details
 Myrtle Beach, SC - Club Tema
 252:00 PMMuskegon vs. Southeast Community College5-2 Details
 Myrtle Beach, SC
  Game 2Muskegon vs. Southeast Community College5-1 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
 262:00 PMMuskegon vs. University of South Carolina-Sumter6-9 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  Game 2Muskegon vs. University of South Carolina-Sumter1-12  (5)Details
 2712:00 PM(20) Grand Rapids @ Columbia State CC2-9 Details
 9 inning game
  2:00 PMMuskegon vs. Brunswick CC3-2 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  Game 2Muskegon vs. Brunswick CC4-6 Details
 28 (20) Grand Rapids @ Chipola College2-12  (5)Details
  Game 2(20) Grand Rapids @ Chipola College5-15  (5)Details
  10:00 AMMuskegon vs. Lincoln Trail College0-1 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  Game 2Muskegon vs. Lincoln Trail College0-1 Details
  12:00 PMJackson @ Brewton-Parker14-3 Details
 JV team
  1:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Lurleen B. Wallace CC2-7 Details
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Lurleen B. Wallace CC2-3 Details
  6:00 PM(9) Kellogg @ (2) Louisiana State University - Eunice0-10 Details
 9 inning game
  6:00 PMLake Michigan @ Darton State College2-6 Details
 9 inning game
 1 Delta vs. ASA College for Excellence0-17 Details
 at Lakeland, FL
   Jackson vs. ASA College for Excellence4-2 Details
 at Davenport, FL
   Delta vs. Jackson6-3 Details
 Lakeland, FL
   (20) Grand Rapids @ Chipola College1-3 Details
  Game 2(20) Grand Rapids @ Chipola College4-8 Details
  1:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Sinclair CC0-9 Details
  Game 2Glen Oaks @ Sinclair CC0-3 Details
  1:00 PMLake Michigan @ Darton State College2-4 Details
  6:00 PM(9) Kellogg @ (2) Louisiana State University - Eunice1-2 Details
  6:00 PM(9) Kellogg @ (2) Louisiana State University - Eunice0-13 Details
 2 Grand Rapids @ Chipola College1-6 Details
 9 inning game
   Delta vs. ASA College for Excellence1-4 Details
 at Lakeland, FL
   Delta vs. Springfield College in Illinois4-3 Details
 at Lakeland, FL - JV Team
   Jackson vs. ASA College for Excellence5-10 Details
 at Davenport, FL
   Lansing vs. ASA College for Excellence7-1 Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitational
  Game 2Lansing vs. ASA College for Excellence11-2 Details
  10:00 AMKalamazoo Valley vs. College of Lake County3-2 Details
 at Gulf Coast State College
  12:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Sinclair CCCNCL Details
 9 inning game
  1:00 PM(9) Kellogg @ (2) Louisiana State University - Eunice0-8 Details
 9 inning game
  1:00 PMLake Michigan @ Middle Georgia Technical College0-9 Details
  1:00 PMLake Michigan @ Seneca College0-9 Details
  Game 2Lake Michigan @ Middle Georgia Technical College0-7 Details
  5:30 PMKalamazoo Valley vs. Owens CC13-2  (6)Details
 at Gulf Coast State College
 3 Delta vs. ASA College for Excellence9-10 Details
 at Lakeland, FL
   Delta vs. Trine University9-3 Details
 at Lakeland, FL - JV Team
   Lansing vs. Gwynedd Mercy4-15 Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitational - JV Team
  Game 2Lansing vs. Gwynedd Mercy8-3 Details
  12:00 PMKalamazoo Valley vs. Owens CC9-8 Details
 at Gulf Coast State College
  12:00 PMKellogg @ Wabash Valley College2-6 Details
  3:00 PM(20) Grand Rapids @ Tallahassee CC1-13  (5)Details
  Game 2(20) Grand Rapids @ Tallahassee CC1-3 Details
  3:00 PMLake Michigan @ South Georgia College5-15 Details
  5:00 PMJackson @ Webber International9-1 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Jackson @ Webber International7-8  (13)Details
 4 Jackson vs. ASA College for Excellence3-8 Details
 at Davenport, FL
  3:00 PMKellogg vs. Bossier-Parish CC0-8  (9)Details
 at Shreveport, LA
  3:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Tallahassee CC2-14  (5)Details
  Game 2Grand Rapids @ Tallahassee CC3-8 Details
  6:00 PMKellogg @ Centenary College9-4 Details
 5 Lansing vs. ASA College for Excellence13-0  (5)Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitational
   Lansing vs. Benedictine University at Springfield4-10 Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitationa
   Grand Rapids @ Gulf Coast State CollegeRAIN Details
  Game 2Grand Rapids @ Gulf Coast State CollegeRAIN Details
   Jackson vs. Gwynedd Mercy9-3 Details
 at Davenport, FL
  Game 2Jackson vs. Gwynedd Mercy9-3 Details
  Game 2Lake Michigan @ Gordon CollegeCNCL Details
   Delta vs. Mesabi Range CTC4-1 Details
 at Lakeland, FL
  Game 2Delta vs. Mesabi Range CTC13-5 Details
  10:00 AMKalamazoo Valley vs. College of Lake County7-3 Details
 at Gulf Coast State College - 9 inning game
  11:00 AMKellogg @ Centenary College13-17 Details
  2:00 PMLake Michigan @ Gordon CollegeCNCL Details
 6 Delta vs. Mesabi Range CTCCNCL Details
 at Lakeland, FL
   Delta vs. ASA College for ExcellenceCNCL Details
 at Lakeland, FL
   Lansing vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University3-10  (5)Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitational - JV Team
  Game 2Lansing vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityRAIN Details
  1:00 PMMott vs. Delgado Community College0-3 Details
  Game 2Mott vs. Delgado Community College0-10  (6)Details
  1:00 PMKellogg @ Mississippi Delta CCCNCL Details
  Game 2Kellogg @ Mississippi Delta CCCNCL Details
  3:00 PMKalamazoo Valley vs. College of Lake County7-10 Details
 at Gulf Coast State College
  5:30 PMKalamazoo Valley vs. Owens CC10-9 Details
 at Gulf Coast State College
 7 Delta vs. St. Lawrence College12-0 Details
 at Lakeland, FL
   Delta vs. Coe College10-0 Details
 at Lakeland, FL - JV Team
   St. Clair County vs. Patrick Henry Community College6-8 Details
 All Season JUCO Baseball Event
  Game 2St. Clair County vs. Patrick Henry Community College7-10 Details
 All Season JUCO Baseball Event
   Lansing vs. Mesabi Range CTC7-5 Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitational
  Game 2Lansing vs. Mesabi Range CTC4-2 Details
 Russ Matt Central Florida Invitational
  3:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Gulf Coast State College5-9 Details
 8 St. Clair County vs. TBACNCL Details
 All Season JUCO Baseball Event
  1:00 PMJackson vs. St. John's River State College1-14  (5)Details
  1:00 PMMuskegon @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
  1:30 PMMott vs. St. Lawrence College10-9 Details
 9 St. Clair County @ TBACNCL Details
 All Season JUCO Baseball Event
  12:00 PMMott vs. Mesabi Range CTC10-0  (5)Details
  Game 2Mott vs. Mesabi Range CTC2-0 Details
  1:00 PMMacomb @ Webber International13-2  (6)Details
  Game 2Macomb @ Webber International10-0  (5)Details
 10 Henry Ford vs. Danville Area CC3-15 Details
   Henry Ford vs. North Central Missouri College3-8 Details
   Macomb vs. Lincoln College4-5 Details
 at Winter Haven, FL
  Game 2Macomb vs. Lincoln College3-4 Details
  2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Catawba Valley Community College0-7 Details
  Game 2St. Clair County @ Catawba Valley Community College4-6 Details
 11 Henry Ford vs. Montgomery County Community College2-14 Details
   Henry Ford vs. Danville Community College9-3 Details
   Macomb vs. Mesabi Range CTC8-3 Details
 at Winter Haven, FL
  Game 2Macomb vs. Mesabi Range CTC0-10 Details
  2:00 PMKellogg @ Davenport University2-0 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kellogg @ Davenport University4-0 Details
  2:00 PMOwens CC @ Glen OaksCNCL Details
  Game 2Owens CC @ Glen OaksCNCL Details
  4:00 PMMott vs. Lincoln College10-6  (8)Details
  Game 2Mott vs. Lincoln College4-5 Details
 12 Henry Ford vs. Dean College9-3 Details
  12:00 PMMott vs. St. Cloud Technical College2-5 Details
  Game 2Mott vs. St. Cloud Technical College1-11  (6)Details
 13 Henry Ford vs. Genesee Community CollegeCNCL Details
   Henry Ford vs. Pennsylvania College of Technology9-0 Details
  10:00 AMMacomb vs. Delaware Technical & Community College9-8 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  3:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2St. Clair County @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  8:30 PMMacomb vs. Monroe College4-6 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
 14 Henry Ford vs. Nassau CC17-12 Details
   Henry Ford vs. Monroe College9-11 Details
  3:00 PMMacomb vs. Lakeland CC10-9 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  4:00 PMLake Michigan @ Vincennes University7-9 Details
 9 inning game
  4:00 PMKellogg @ Sinclair CC4-6 Details
  Game 2Kellogg @ Sinclair CC3-14 Details
  6:00 PMMacomb vs. Triton College5-4 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  7:00 PMJackson vs. Milwaukee Area Technical College1-3 Details
 at Vincennes (IN) University
 15 Henry Ford vs. Nassau CC6-5 Details
   Henry Ford vs. Monroe College3-1 Details
  9:00 AMMacomb vs. Dean College9-1 Details
 at Myrtle Beach, SC
  11:00 AMLake Michigan vs. Milwaukee Area Technical College6-5 Details
 at Vincennes, IN
  11:00 AMKellogg vs. Sinclair CC7-6 Details
 at Dayton, OH
  1:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyCNCL Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  Game 2Glen Oaks @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  1:30 PMJackson @ Vincennes UniversityCNCL Details
  1:30 PMKellogg vs. Muskegon5-2 Details
  2:00 PMKellogg @ Sinclair CCCNCL Details
  4:00 PMJackson vs. Lake Michigan4-5 Details
 at VIncennes (IN) University
  4:00 PMMuskegon @ Sinclair CC5-6 Details
 16 Lake Michigan vs. TBACNCL Details
 Consolation/Championship game at Vincennes, IN
  10:30 AMJackson vs. TBACNCL Details
 at Vincennes (IN) University
  11:00 AMMuskegon @ Sinclair CCCNCL Details
  1:00 PMLansing @ Adrian CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Lansing @ Adrian CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
 189:00 AMAncilla vs. Northampton Community College0-10  (6)Details
 The Ripken Experience
  2:00 PMMott @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Mott @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMLake Michigan @ Glen OaksCNCL Details
  Game 2Lake Michigan @ Glen OaksCNCL Details
  2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Trine UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Trine UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMConcordia University @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Concordia University @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 JV Team
  3:00 PMAncilla vs. Bunker Hill CC6-2 Details
 The Ripken Experience
 199:00 AMAncilla vs. Camden County College1-2 Details
 The Ripken Experience
  12:00 PMAncilla vs. Mohawk Valley CC1-2 Details
 The Ripken Experience
  6:00 PMAncilla vs. Bergen Community College5-9 Details
 The Ripken Experience
 20 Ancilla @ Garrett College 6-4 Details
 The Ripken Experience
  2:00 PMMuskegon @ Cornerstone University16-0  (7)Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMLansing @ Olivet CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Lansing @ Olivet CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMKellogg @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kellogg @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  3:00 PMAncilla vs. College of Southern Maryland6-8 Details
 The Ripken Experience
  3:00 PMJackson @ Adrian College6-4 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Jackson @ Adrian College8-9 Details
  3:30 PMGrand Rapids @ Aquinas CollegeCNCL Details
 9 inning game
 219:00 AMAncilla vs. Mohawk Valley CC1-10 Details
 The Ripken Experience
  12:00 PMAncilla vs. College of Southern Maryland0-2 Details
 The Ripken Experience
  1:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Owens CCPPD Details
  Game 2St. Clair County @ Owens CCPPD Details
  3:00 PMMacomb @ Miami-Hamilton5-9 Details
  Game 2Macomb @ Miami-Hamilton1-4 Details
 229:00 AMAncilla vs. Chesapeake College3-8 Details
 The Ripken Experience - @ Myrtle Beach HS
  1:00 PMSaint Joseph's College @ MuskegonPPD Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Saint Joseph's College @ MuskegonPPD Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  Game 2Grand Rapids @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  1:00 PMGlen Oaks @ KelloggPPD Details
  Game 2Glen Oaks @ KelloggPPD Details
  1:00 PMMacomb @ Sinclair CC1-5 Details
  Game 2Macomb @ Sinclair CC1-11 Details
  1:00 PMHenry Ford @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  Game 2Henry Ford @ Owens CCCNCL Details
 2312:00 PMMacomb @ Sinclair CC4-1 Details
 9 inning game
  1:00 PMJackson @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Jackson @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
 242:00 PMLansing @ Alma CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Lansing @ Alma CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMAlbion College @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Albion College @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 JV Team
  4:00 PMAquinas College @ MuskegonPPD Details
 JV Team - 9 inning
 25 Rochester College @ MottCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Rochester College @ MottCNCL Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMMuskegon @ Davenport UniversityPPD Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Davenport UniversityPPD Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMLansing @ Owens CC10-6 Details
  Game 2Lansing @ Owens CC0-16 Details
  2:00 PMLorain County CC @ St. Clair CountyCNCL Details
  Game 2Lorain County CC @ St. Clair CountyCNCL Details
 262:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Glen OaksPPD Details
 9 inning game
  4:00 PMKellogg @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyPPD Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kellogg @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyPPD Details
 JV Team
 27 Adrian College @ JacksonCNCL Details
 JV Team - 9 inning game
  2:00 PMMuskegon @ Cornerstone UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Cornerstone UniversityCNCL Details
  2:00 PMHenry Ford @ Concordia UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Henry Ford @ Concordia UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMLake Michigan @ Glen OaksPPD Details
  Game 2Lake Michigan @ Glen OaksPPD Details
  3:00 PMAquinas College @ Grand RapidsCNCL Details
 9 inning game
  3:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Olivet CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Olivet CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  6:30 PMDavenport University @ Grand RapidsCNCL Details
 JV Team - 9 inning game
 282:00 PMMuskegon @ Davenport University12-1  (5)Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Davenport University13-0  (5)Details
  2:30 PMLake Michigan @ Glen OaksCNCL Details
  Game 2Lake Michigan @ Glen OaksCNCL Details
  3:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Adrian College3-1 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Adrian College3-2 Details
 JV Team
 29 Grand Rapids @ Davenport University3-5 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Grand Rapids @ Davenport University4-3 Details
 JV Team
 1:00 PMAncilla @ MacombPPD Details
  1:00 PMKellogg @ Glen Oaks2-3 Details
  Game 2Kellogg @ Glen Oaks4-2 Details
 301:00 PMGrand Rapids @ JacksonCNCL Details
  1:00 PMMuskegon @ Saint Joseph's CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Saint Joseph's CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Glen Oaks8-6  (13)Details
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Glen Oaks7-4 Details
  4:00 PMKellogg @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyPPD Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kellogg @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyPPD Details
 312:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Owens CC17-7 Details
  Game 2St. Clair County @ Owens CC3-4 Details
  4:00 PMKellogg @ Glen Oaks21-1  (7)Details
 11:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Lorain County CCCNCL Details
  Game 2St. Clair County @ Lorain County CCCNCL Details
  2:00 PMKellogg @ Lake Michigan19-5 Details
 9 inning game
  2:00 PMLorain County CC @ Glen Oaks5-22  (5)Details
  Game 2Lorain County CC @ Glen Oaks7-8 Details
  2:00 PMAncilla @ Indiana Institute of Technology2-4 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Ancilla @ Indiana Institute of Technology6-0 Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Jackson0-10 Details
  Game 2St. Clair County @ JacksonFORFT Details
 22:00 PMJackson @ Adrian College8-7 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Jackson @ Adrian College9-4 Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMWestern Michigan University @ Muskegon1-13  (5)Details
 Club Team
  Game 2Western Michigan University @ Muskegon1-8 Details
 3 Mott @ Rochester CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Mott @ Rochester CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMHenry Ford @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ MacombCNCL Details
  Game 2St. Clair County @ MacombCNCL Details
  2:00 PMAlma College @ MuskegonCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Alma College @ MuskegonCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMJackson @ Albion CollegePPD Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Jackson @ Albion CollegePPD Details
 JV Team
  3:00 PMKellogg @ Olivet CollegePPD Details
 JV Team
  3:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Adrian CollegeCNCL Details
 JV team
  3:00 PMAncilla @ Holy Cross CollegeCNCL Details
 Newton Park
 42:00 PMNorthwood University @ LansingCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Northwood University @ LansingCNCL Details
 JV Team
51:00 PMKellogg @ DeltaPPD Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ DeltaPPD Details
 1:00 PMMott @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 Game 2Mott @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 1:00 PMLake Michigan @ MacombPPD Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ MacombPPD Details
 1:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Lansing2-4 Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Lansing10-8 Details
 1:00 PMJackson @ Kalamazoo ValleyPPD Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Kalamazoo ValleyPPD Details
 1:00 PMSt. Clair County @ MuskegonPPD Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ MuskegonPPD Details
 1:00 PMHenry Ford @ Ancilla10-0 Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ Ancilla0-1 Details
 61:00 PMGrand Valley State @ MuskegonCNCL Details
 Club Team
  Game 2Grand Valley State @ MuskegonCNCL Details
 Club Team
 1:00 PMKellogg @ Delta3-2 Details
 at Bay City Western High School - Auburn, MI
 Game 2Kellogg @ Delta9-8 Details
 1:00 PMMott @ Grand Rapids4-3 Details
 Game 2Mott @ Grand Rapids10-5 Details
 1:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Muskegon2-10 Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ Muskegon0-4 Details
 1:00 PMJackson @ Kalamazoo Valley1-0 Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Kalamazoo Valley10-7 Details
 1:00 PMLake Michigan @ Macomb4-3 Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Macomb1-3 Details
  1:00 PMAdrian College @ JacksonCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Adrian College @ JacksonCNCL Details
 8 Jackson @ Siena Heights University11-8 Details
 JV Team - 9 inning game
 2:00 PMAncilla @ Kellogg0-10 Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Kellogg5-11 Details
 2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Lake Michigan2-3  (8)Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Lake Michigan6-3 Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ MacombPPD Details
 Game 2Delta @ MacombPPD Details
 2:00 PMLansing @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
 Game 2Lansing @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
  2:00 PMMuskegon @ Alma CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Alma CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
 2:00 PMHenry Ford @ MottPPD Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ MottPPD Details
 2:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Glen Oaks11-1  (5)Details
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ Glen Oaks4-1 Details
  4:00 PMJackson @ Albion College5-4 Details
 JV Team - 9 inning game
92:00 PMDelta @ Macomb6-3 Details
 Game 2Delta @ Macomb4-3 Details
 2:00 PMLansing @ St. Clair County4-7 Details
 Game 2Lansing @ St. Clair County0-10  (5)Details
  2:00 PMWestern Michigan University @ Muskegon2-12  (6)Details
 Club Team
  Game 2Western Michigan University @ Muskegon4-15  (5)Details
 2:00 PMHenry Ford @ Mott3-4  (8)Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ Mott10-0  (6)Details
102:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Ancilla6-3 Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ Ancilla3-0 Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 Game 2Delta @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 2:00 PMKellogg @ Jackson11-8 Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ Jackson5-6 Details
 2:00 PMLake Michigan @ Henry FordPPD Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Henry FordPPD Details
 2:00 PMLansing @ Kalamazoo Valley2-4 Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Kalamazoo Valley8-10 Details
 2:00 PMMott @ Muskegon6-1 Details
 Game 2Mott @ Muskegon2-12  (5)Details
 2:00 PMMacomb @ Glen Oaks6-10 Details
 Game 2Macomb @ Glen Oaks4-5 Details
112:00 PMLake Michigan @ Henry Ford9-5 Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Henry Ford6-12 Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ Grand Rapids6-5 Details
 Game 2Delta @ Grand Rapids2-4 Details
  2:00 PMAdrian College @ Lansing13-7 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Adrian College @ Lansing3-5 Details
 JV Team
121:00 PMLake Michigan @ Delta0-2 Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Delta1-4 Details
 1:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ St. Clair County7-0 Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ St. Clair County5-4 Details
 1:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Macomb2-4 Details
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ Macomb8-9 Details
 1:00 PMHenry Ford @ Kellogg9-5 Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ Kellogg2-6 Details
 1:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Mott2-12 Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Mott3-8 Details
 1:00 PMJackson @ Ancilla13-9 Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Ancilla6-7 Details
 1:00 PMMuskegon @ Lansing3-4 Details
 Game 2Muskegon @ Lansing8-3 Details
 131:00 PMMuskegon @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMLorain County CC @ Henry Ford1-13 Details
  Game 2Lorain County CC @ Henry Ford5-12 Details
 141:00 PMNorthwood University @ DeltaCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Northwood University @ DeltaCNCL Details
 JV Team
  2:00 PMMuskegon @ Cornerstone UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Cornerstone UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
 152:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Siena Heights UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
 2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ JacksonPPD Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ JacksonPPD Details
 2:00 PMKellogg @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 2:00 PMMacomb @ LansingPPD Details
 Game 2Macomb @ LansingPPD Details
 2:00 PMGlen Oaks @ MuskegonPPD Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ MuskegonPPD Details
 2:00 PMAncilla @ Lake MichiganPPD Details
 2:00 PMLourdes University @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 JV Team
 Game 2Lourdes University @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ MottPPD Details
 Game 2Delta @ MottPPD Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Lake MichiganPPD Details
162:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Muskegon1-18 Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Muskegon1-6 Details
 2:00 PMAncilla @ Lake Michigan4-2 Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Lake Michigan2-4 Details
 2:00 PMKellogg @ Grand Rapids1-6 Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ Grand Rapids2-3 Details
 2:00 PMMacomb @ Lansing8-0 Details
 Game 2Macomb @ Lansing10-0  (6)Details
 2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Jackson2-3 Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ Jackson4-3 Details
  2:30 PMDelta @ Olivet College5-6 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Delta @ Olivet College14-6 Details
 JV Team
  4:00 PMGrand Rapids @ South SuburbanCNCL Details
  4:00 PMOwens CC @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
  Game 2Owens CC @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
172:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Jackson10-11 Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Jackson13-4 Details
 2:00 PMGrand Rapids @ St. Clair County13-2  (5)Details
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ St. Clair County8-6 Details
 2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Delta5-6 Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Delta2-3 Details
 2:00 PMAncilla @ Macomb2-5 Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Macomb2-9 Details
 2:00 PMHenry Ford @ Muskegon4-15  (5)Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ Muskegon3-5 Details
 2:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
 2:00 PMKellogg @ Mott0-7 Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ Mott0-2 Details
 2:00 PMLansing @ Lake Michigan1-17  (5)Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Lake Michigan16-7 Details
  4:00 PMMuskegon @ Western Michigan UniversityCNCL Details
 Club Team
  Game 2Muskegon @ Western Michigan UniversityCNCL Details
 Club Team
182:00 PMDelta @ Mott13-10 Details
 Game 2Delta @ Mott5-6  (8)Details
  2:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Aquinas College5-6 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Grand Rapids @ Aquinas College2-10 Details
 JV Team
  6:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Davenport UniversityCNCL Details
 JV Team
  6:00 PMMacomb @ Davenport University6-9 Details
 JV Team
191:00 PMDelta @ Glen Oaks8-6 Details
 Game 2Delta @ Glen Oaks4-5 Details
 1:00 PMLake Michigan @ Jackson8-1 Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Jackson6-4  (8)Details
 1:00 PMMott @ Kalamazoo Valley2-4 Details
 Game 2Mott @ Kalamazoo Valley4-12 Details
 1:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Henry Ford7-6 Details
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ Henry Ford8-0 Details
 1:00 PMLansing @ Ancilla3-2  (8)Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Ancilla6-7  (9)Details
 1:00 PMKellogg @ St. Clair County16-1  (5)Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ St. Clair County3-0 Details
 2:00 PMMacomb @ Muskegon0-13  (5)Details
 Game 2Macomb @ Muskegon0-10  (6)Details
 214:00 PMAquinas College @ Muskegon9-6 Details
 JV Team
  5:00 PMDelta @ Northwood University17-7  (7)Details
 9 inning game - JV Team
222:00 PMJackson @ Lansing17-6 Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Lansing6-0 Details
 2:00 PMHenry Ford @ St. Clair County4-2 Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ St. Clair County4-5  (8)Details
 2:00 PMMott @ Macomb3-9 Details
 Game 2Mott @ Macomb4-3 Details
 2:00 PMMuskegon @ Grand Rapids3-5 Details
 Game 2Muskegon @ Grand Rapids6-2 Details
 2:00 PMLake Michigan @ Kellogg7-5 Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Kellogg2-3 Details
 2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Glen Oaks6-1 Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Glen Oaks4-7 Details
  5:00 PMDelta @ Cornerstone University5-6  (9)Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Delta @ Cornerstone University7-5  (8)Details
 JV Team
 232:00 PMOwens CC @ St. Clair County7-3 Details
  Game 2Owens CC @ St. Clair County7-6 Details
  3:00 PMCornerstone University @ Muskegon0-10  (6)Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Cornerstone University @ Muskegon12-13 Details
 JV Team
  5:00 PMNorthwood University @ Delta2-14 Details
 9 inning game - JV Team
 241:00 PMLansing @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  Game 2Lansing @ Owens CCCNCL Details
  2:00 PMDavenport University @ Grand RapidsCNCL Details
 JV Team - 9 inning game
 2:00 PMMuskegon @ Lake Michigan5-3 Details
 Game 2Muskegon @ Lake Michigan13-11 Details
 2:00 PMJackson @ Mott3-0 Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Mott5-0 Details
 2:00 PMAncilla @ Grand Rapids4-5  (7)Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Grand Rapids0-10  (5)Details
 2:00 PMMacomb @ Henry Ford7-1 Details
 Game 2Macomb @ Henry Ford4-2 Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ Lansing2-0 Details
 Game 2Delta @ Lansing6-2 Details
 2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Kellogg2-12 Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Kellogg0-2 Details
  3:00 PMIndiana Institute of Technology @ Kalamazoo ValleyCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Indiana Institute of Technology @ Kalamazoo ValleyCNCL Details
 JV Team
  4:00 PMMuskegon @ Aquinas CollegeCNCL Details
 9 inning game
  4:00 PMMott @ Adrian CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Mott @ Adrian CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
261:00 PMMuskegon @ Delta1-2 Details
 Game 2Muskegon @ Delta4-3 Details
 1:00 PMMacomb @ Kalamazoo Valley9-8 Details
 Game 2Macomb @ Kalamazoo Valley7-1 Details
 1:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Jackson4-3 Details
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ Jackson7-8 Details
 1:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Henry Ford12-1  (5)Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Henry Ford8-6 Details
 1:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Lake Michigan5-6 Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ Lake Michigan2-11 Details
 1:00 PMLansing @ Kellogg2-7 Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Kellogg0-9 Details
 271:00 PMDavenport University @ Muskegon7-4 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Davenport University @ Muskegon12-15 Details
 JV Team
 1:00 PMAncilla @ Mott3-2 Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Mott1-4 Details
  1:00 PMTrine University @ Kalamazoo Valley4-14 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Trine University @ Kalamazoo Valley2-12 Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMAlma College @ MottCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Alma College @ MottCNCL Details
 JV Team
  1:00 PMIndiana Institute of Technology @ Kellogg1-11 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Indiana Institute of Technology @ Kellogg0-3 Details
 282:00 PMLansing @ Northwood University5-3 Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Lansing @ Northwood University12-2 Details
 JV Team
292:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ MuskegonPPD Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ MuskegonPPD Details
 2:00 PMMott @ Lansing1-2 Details
 Game 2Mott @ Lansing4-0 Details
 2:00 PMHenry Ford @ Jackson1-10 Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ JacksonSUSP Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
 Game 2Delta @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
 2:00 PMLake Michigan @ Grand RapidsSUSP Details
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 2:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Ancilla16-5  (5)Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Ancilla12-0  (5)Details
  2:00 PMDavenport University @ Kellogg7-13 Details
 9 inning game - JV Team
 302:00 PMOwens CC @ Henry FordCNCL Details
  Game 2Owens CC @ Henry FordCNCL Details
 3:00 PMDelta @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
 Game 2Delta @ St. Clair CountyPPD Details
 3:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Muskegon1-4 Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Muskegon2-12  (5)Details
 12:00 PMMacomb @ Owens CCCNCL Details
 9 inning game
  2:00 PMKellogg @ Olivet College6-0 Details
 JV Team
 2:00 PMHenry Ford @ Jackson9-10  (9)Details
 Completion of suspended game. Game is tied 9-9 in 9th inning
  2:00 PMDelta @ Rochester CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
  Game 2Delta @ Rochester CollegeCNCL Details
 JV Team
 2:00 PMAncilla @ DeltaPPD Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ DeltaPPD Details
 2:30 PMLake Michigan @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 Completion of suspended game
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
22:00 PMDelta @ St. Clair County6-0 Details
 Game 2Delta @ St. Clair County5-2 Details
 3:00 PMLake Michigan @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 Completion of suspended game
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
31:00 PMHenry Ford @ Kalamazoo Valley1-11  (5)Details
 Game 2Henry Ford @ Kalamazoo Valley6-10 Details
 1:00 PMLansing @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Grand RapidsPPD Details
 1:00 PMKellogg @ Macomb5-0 Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ Macomb3-0 Details
 1:00 PMJackson @ MuskegonPPD Details
 Game 2Jackson @ MuskegonPPD Details
 1:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Glen Oaks2-10 Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ Glen Oaks11-9 Details
 1:00 PMMott @ Lake Michigan6-8 Details
 Game 2Mott @ Lake Michigan6-11 Details
41:00 PMLake Michigan @ Grand Rapids5-7 Details
 Completion of suspended game
 Game 2Lake Michigan @ Grand Rapids3-8 Details
 1:00 PMJackson @ Muskegon1-0 Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Muskegon1-4 Details
52:00 PMAncilla @ Delta0-6 Details
 Game 2Ancilla @ Delta4-8 Details
 3:00 PMLansing @ Grand Rapids2-6 Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Grand Rapids14-2  (5)Details
62:00 PMMacomb @ St. Clair County5-0 Details
 Game 2Macomb @ St. Clair County4-2 Details
 2:00 PMJackson @ Delta1-2 Details
 Game 2Jackson @ Delta2-4 Details
 2:00 PMMuskegon @ Ancilla8-0 Details
 Game 2Muskegon @ Ancilla11-0  (5)Details
 2:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Kalamazoo Valley1-3 Details
 Game 2Grand Rapids @ Kalamazoo Valley4-6 Details
 2:00 PMLansing @ Henry Ford4-5  (8)Details
 Game 2Lansing @ Henry Ford11-5 Details
 2:00 PMKellogg @ Glen Oaks8-2 Details
 Game 2Kellogg @ Glen Oaks5-4 Details
8Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ AncillaPPD Details
 2:00 PMGlen Oaks @ Lake Michigan12-2  (5)Details
 Game 2Glen Oaks @ Lake Michigan10-11 Details
 2:00 PMDelta @ Henry Ford9-4 Details
 Game 2Delta @ Henry Ford11-7 Details
 2:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ AncillaPPD Details
 2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ MottPPD Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ MottPPD Details
 2:00 PMMacomb @ Jackson3-13 Details
 Game 2Macomb @ Jackson6-7 Details
 2:00 PMMuskegon @ Kellogg9-0 Details
 Game 2Muskegon @ Kellogg3-0 Details
9Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ AncillaPPD Details
 1:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ AncillaPPD Details
 2:00 PMSt. Clair County @ MottPPD Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ MottPPD Details
  2:00 PMSinclair CC @ KelloggCNCL Details
  Game 2Sinclair CC @ KelloggCNCL Details
101:00 PMKalamazoo Valley @ Ancilla5-7 Details
 Game 2Kalamazoo Valley @ Ancilla14-1  (6)Details
 1:00 PMSt. Clair County @ Mott4-11 Details
 Game 2St. Clair County @ Mott2-6 Details
  1:00 PMSt. Louis Community College @ Delta4-11 Details
  Game 2St. Louis Community College @ Delta0-10  (5)Details
 1411:30 AMJackson vs. Delta6-5 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  12:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Kellogg3-17  (5)Details
 NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
 155:00 PMMott @ (3) Sinclair CC2-8 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  8:00 PM(16) Vincennes University @ Muskegon6-4  (13)Details
 NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
 1611:30 AMGrand Rapids @ Muskegon3-2 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  12:00 PMMott @ Delta5-2 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  3:30 PMKellogg vs. (16) Vincennes University2-4 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  4:00 PMSinclair CC @ Jackson4-3  (10)Details
 NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  7:30 PMMott @ Kellogg2-7 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  8:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Jackson4-2 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
 1712:00 PMGrand Rapids @ Kellogg4-6 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Nichols Field - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  12:30 PM(16) Vincennes University vs. (3) Sinclair CC13-6 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  4:00 PMKellogg @ (3) Sinclair CC9-0  (8)Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MI- Box Score
 1812:00 PMKellogg @ (16) Vincennes University13-6 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MI - Box Score
  4:00 PMKellogg vs. (16) Vincennes University1-14 Details
 NJCAA Region XII Tournament - C.O. Brown Stadium - Battle Creek, MII - Box Score
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